Fishing In Kalpitiya

Just in front of our hotel, the Indian ocean is the perfect location for fishing. Kalpitiya, where we are located, is a remote fishermen village where Sri Lankan customs and traditions are preserved from massive tourism.

Fishing is the main income of people in the village and also a deep tradition that fishermen would be happy and proud to share with you. Fishing have represented a major part of the people identity through many generations. Today, approximately 13,000 small-scale fishers (which represents one in every five people in the area) provide vital food for almost every single family.

From November to March, the season is perfect to venture out to sea and discover trolling. Fishermen will guide you to the best spots and teach you how to fish in the local style. For fishing enthusiasts we can adjust according to your desires in order to make your fishing experience in the Indian Ocean unforgettable.